Order Management

Oracle Order management takes command of the order fulfillment part of any business process. The open architecture based on workflow supports specifically designed and automated fulfillment processes without customization efforts. It can gather multi-channel demand from sources including electronic data interchange, XML, Telesales or web storefronts. As a part of a complete order to cash solution, it enables Global Order Promising integrated with shipment execution. One of its innovative features is that it can be seamlessly integrated with other Supply Chain Execution products.


A Bill of Materials gives complete information of the parent item, components, sub-items, attachments and descriptive elements. Bill of materials creation in Oracle gives an ease in managing product information. You can easily create either an engineering or manufacturing bill.


Oracle’s Management in Manufacturing- Shop floor completely makes dependency on work orders obsolete. This helps you in achieving demand-driven goals. It eliminates maintenance load linked with work orders and allows for standard costing without work orders.


An innovative application for professional buyers, Oracle Purchasing simplifies purchase order processing meanwhile giving strength to policy compliance. It mixes easily with any sort of purchasing practice and improves supply base management.


Inventory Management from Oracle gives you an advanced set of real time inventory transactions with visibility functionality for a wide category of business types. Due to ever increasing demands of compliance to industry-wide, governmental and customer areas, enterprises are looking for flexible supply chain management applications to creatively get ahead of latest pressure, while reducing the costs associated with inventory handling and distribution. Oracle Inventory Management fulfills the above needs without compromising on your Global Inventory Visibility, Product Genealogy Integrity or Multi Dimensional Inventory visibility.


Oracle Work in Process module gives a unique facility in creating work in process job or work order to manufacture goods. Oracle WIP (Work in Process) fully supports discrete, repetitive, project and assemble-to-order (ATO) types of work orders.


Oracle process manufacturing enables you to tailor products to individual customer specifications, manage variants, optimize capacity and accelerate continuous process improvement. It automates the entire product lifecycle from new product development, menu management, to cost quality and regulatory management.